Personal Projects

Up in the Tower (beta)

C++ and SDL

A 2D RPG with an original game base in C++ with SDL. Play as a knight ascending a magician’s tower to free the royal hostage, or better yet, play as the hostage who waits for no one and will free themselves.

The game features character choices and a number of customization options including skin tones and gender presentation for the knight and royal hostage, a variety of levels and monsters, and 2D game experience over a projectively-displayed game board.

Odd Plamenevskaya Invariant

Python and TeX

In my dissertation, I define an invariant of transverse knots as a class in the odd Khovanov homology of a knot. This project computes the invariant for given transverse links and provides options for computing a large number of associated objects, including the full even and odd Khovanov homologies. It has tools for working with braids, grid diagrams, skew \(\mathcal{I}\)-cube structures, and chain complexes. In addition to having classes that would be useful to anyone working with Khovanov homology, the project also has containers and methods that would be useful to anyone working with skew cubes, chain complexes, and homology.

Test Maker

Python and LaTeX

The code produces randomized versions of exams with a variety of question types. It handles short answer problems, multiple-choice questions, and true/false questions. The final product produces a .tex file with all the different versions along with an answer key, all distinguished with user-specified QR codes values.

Originally, I made this project just for my own usage, but I have recently updated it to make it easier for others to use.